Fans get pumped up for GWU vs. UVA in Raleigh

(WJLA) - The mood outside the PNC Arena in Raleigh Friday is definitely lively.

Interestingly, though, if you take a look around at all the tailgaters outside the arena, they're from a bunch of different schools -- but not all of them are even playing there.

George Washington University and the University of Virginia's basketball teams are scheduled to take each other on at the PNC Arena Friday night.

ABC7 caught up with Josh Smith, who drove down from Dumfries to play some hoops outside as he anxiously awaited Friday night's UVA and GWU game.

"It's great weather...and a great opportunity to support two local teams and root against Duke -- the total package," he said.

UVA fan Phillips Booker drove down from Howard County to meet up with his dad at the game.

"I'm excited to be here. I get to with my dad, and it's a lifelong dream...and UVA is the number-one seed, and we're really pumped up and excited about that," Booker said.

GWU fan and alum Igor Korik came down from Boston to meet up with other Colonial supporters and cheer for his team this weekend.

"It's really a good team," he said. "Not in the sense that they are going to win a national championship or anything. But one can dream."

This is certainly the time of year to dream, and to do what fans do -- even if you're in your 70s.

"You're gonna scream your lungs out" said 71-year-old Larry Wright. "Yessir, I'm 71 years old [and I'm going to scream] as much as I can scream."