Dunbar High wins 2012 Turkey Bowl

The Turkey Bowl was packed with the energy of excited fans on a day that was made for football.

The frequent champs, the Dunbar High School Crimson Tide, took on the Anacostia Indians.

One thing you learn quickly is that this is more than just a football game. A lot of this is about old friends and old rivalries.

Besides the touchdowns and fumbles, it was a spectacle of strutting girls and fried fish on Thanksgiving. Mayor Gray, a Dunbar grad, tried to be impartial.

“First quarter I was over on the Dunbar side,” he says. “Second quarter I was on the Anacostia side.”

But under the surface is a controversy: Wilson High was to have played Dunbar, but the school system removed Wilson at the last minute in a dispute whether a player actually lived in D.C.

“I ain’t got no words on that,” says one Anacostia student. “I’m just glad my team’s here. I’m surprised Anacostia made it this far. I’m just so excited.”

“We had to deal with a lot over the past week just in terms of how we got here, but I think this was the best thing to happen and at the end of the day you’re going to see they deserved to be here,” says Dr. Ian Roberts, principal at Anacostia High.

It was a closely-contested game and by the end, no one went home too upset. Dunbar won again, but it wasn’t a blowout. The final score was 12 to 8.