Dexter Manley calls Troy Aikman a 'queer' on WTOP

Manley, a 9-year Redskins veteran, used an offensive term to describe Troy Aikman on WTOP. Photo: Associated Press

(WJLA) - Former Washington Redskins great Dexter Manley caused an uncomfortable moment in a Monday morning radio appearance when he called NFL Hall-of-Famer Troy Aikman a "queer" on the air.

Sunday’s Redskins game against Denver was admittedly not their finest hour. But when game analyst Aikman was called the gay slur on WTOP by Manley, it unleashed a social media firestorm.

During an appearance on WTOP's morning show with Mike Moss and Bruce Alan, discussion of Washington's 45-21 loss to the Denver Broncos turned to the fact that Aikman, who won three Super Bowls with the rival Dallas Cowboys, was one of the commentators on the television broadcast.

Anchor: Was it a big jinx that Troy Aikman was doing the game...the former Cowboy?
Manley: I think Troy Aikman is a ______.
Anchor: Whoa- oh.
Anchor: Well.
Anchor: We don't want to go there.
Manley: Ok, I'm sorrry about that.
Anchor: Now, do you want to apologize?
Manley: No.
Anchor: You don't?
Manley: I'll just say, I take that back.
Anchor: Ok.

Moss and Alan quickly gave Manley the opportunity to apologize for his comment, but he responded, "No." After further urging by the anchors, Manley did apologize, but did not retract his statement.

"We were shocked, amazed at his comment," said WTOP VP and General Manager, Joel Oxley. "WTOP does not condone comments like that in any way, and we apologize to anyone who was offended by his comments."

Earlier in the interview, after forgetting Kyle Shanahan’s name, Manley mentioned his 2006 brain surgery, which he said left him disoriented.

Area fans are saying the name-calling is inappropriate and wrong.

"I think he should never say anything like that... Don't have nothing nice to say, don't say it," said D.C. resident Robin Harris.

"Yeah, I think it's over the line," said John Clayton from Maryland.

"Troy Aikman is a good guy -- for Dexter to say that, he just wasn't thinking," said Mark Rittenberg, Bethesda resident.

Dubbed the "Secretary of Defense," Manley won two Super Bowl titles with the Redskins during his 9-year career with the franchise. When reached by phone, Manley expressed remorse for his comment to ABC7.

"I put my foot in my mouth and I greatly, deeply apologize," Manley said.

Almost immediately after Manley's appearance, WTOP's vice president of news, Jim Farley, tweeted that the former player would not be welcome back on the radio station again.

@mypettyhates We are shocked and stunned. Needless to say, Dexter Manley will not be on WTOP again. #WTOP

— Jim Farley (@JFarleyWTOP) October 28, 2013

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