Decision Lens makes Super Bowl prediction

If you're planning to wager on the Ravens or 49ers, an Arlington firm says it's confident it knows which team will win.

Analysts at the firm Decision Lens make these kinds of predictions for all sorts of clients in the public and private sectors .

As for the Super Bowl, they're predicting a medium-sized victory for one of these teams.

Gavin Byrnes with Decision Lens revealed, "We've got San Francisco as a slightly stronger team."

Byrnes gives the 49ers a 60 percent shot at winning the Super Bowl. He came to the conclusion using quantitative and qualitative data, like statistics and expert opinions, as well as intangible factors.

"The Ravens having Ray Lewis as a retiring legend that kind of factor, previous Super Bowl experience, coaching experience, that kind of thing," Byrnes explained.

In all of the possible scenarios, he said the 49ers come out with a slight advantage.

Brynes added, "I think the 49ers are gonna win, but I definitely don't think it's a slam dunk, obvious prediction."

This type of assessment is what Decision Lens does everyday, helping clients make difficult decisions about complex situations.

Decision Lens' Matt Phillips said, "When they have to make difficult trade offs. What am I not gonna do? And what can I do? And what strategically makes the most sense?"

Clients include federal, state and local governments, pharmaceutical companies and even NFL teams looking to draft the next MVP.

"In the past, they relied on just the scouts and their opinion about players, and they moved more to a wholly quantitative - how fast do they run? What was their score on their test? But the truth is they need to combine those things."

Brynes said he's a New York Giants fan, so when computing this Super Bowl prediction, he doesn't have any bias.

But don't ask him how much he'd bet on a 49ers victory.

"I'm pretty young so I don't have a lot of money," Brynes laughed. "Probably not more than $100."

Decision Lens typically doesn't do sports predictions. It's mostly focused on helping clients make tough, long-term budget and staffing decisions.

But for Ravens fans, it's worth noting that in one alternative scenario the company believes the Baltimore-based team could win if they surprise the 49ers with their special teams performance.