Crackdown at College Park for Maryland vs. Duke basketball game

Just how big is the rivalry between the University of Maryland and Duke?

Just ask the fans who arrived at the Comcast Center on 5 p.m. Tuesday and spent the night to ensure they got in.

This year's game was especially emotional as the University of Maryland honored retired legendary coach Gary Williams.

"I grew up loving Maryland because of Gary and it's just really emotional, we do miss him," said senior Chris Carlson.

During the Gary years, there were at times a bad side to the game--riots. They often happened after Maryland won.

Arguably one of the worst happened just two years ago.

"There were police everywhere and students were getting beaten and stuff," said senior Stephen Floyd. "It was a scary situation."

During that riot, Prince George's police officers were taped beating student Jack McKenna. Two of those officers were indicted last year.

On Wednesday, police took measures to make sure that did not happen again.

Spokesperson Julie Parker said for the first time this year, police would have numbers on the front and back of their helmets to identify them.

"The hope is always that we end the night with a bunch of bored police officers sitting around with nothing to do," Parker said.