Caps could clinch Southeast title with win

{ }The Washington Capitals are back in action Tuesday at the Verizon Center and a win{ }would{ }clinch a playoff spot. It would also keep area businesses booming.

Fans are already nervous, but at the same time excited. They started moving in Tuesday afternoon, getting prepared for the biggest hockey game of this shortened NHL season.

If the Capitals can beat the Winnipeg Jets, they win the Southeast Division and are assured a spot in the playoffs, something many fans never expected given how poorly the team played in the beginning of the season.

“The way they started, this is a huge game,” says Gregory Zarneky.

But the Caps turned it around and went on a winning streak led by team captain Alex Ovechkin .{ }

Now post-season games at Verizon look like the real possibility, something businesses around the Verizon Center like Luke’s Lobster really want to hear. Luke’s has already lost lots of money after the NHL labor dispute shortened the season.

“For us, we’re just Caps fans. We’re just really excited for them to have a really good season,” says manager Lilly Schuben.

Fans look at the playoffs as an unexpected bonus.

“It’s my birthday and I’m expecting a Southeast Division Championship,” says Ryan Bulger.