Caps coach discusses six straight losses

(WJLA) - On the surface, the Capitals appeared to be plenty loose today. But look a little closer, and there must be some doubt. After all, the Caps have now lost six straight games.

“You know, guys will press. It’s part of life and a team presses and you just have to figure it out and overcome it at some point,” said head coach Adam Oates.

Oates is on unchartered ice. He led the Caps to the playoffs last season, and this season got off to a good start as well -- but then came a deep freeze. His club is 2-and-8 in January, capped by Tuesday's shutout loss to the Senators.

“Today, they’re not in the mood to hear about Ottawa. So how do you handle that? Really it’s focus… if you make 15 mistakes in a game… make it ten, give yourself a better chance,” said Oates.

Since Bruce Boudreau took over as head coach back in 2007, the Capitals have never missed the playoffs. But this year, it's very possible. So what to do?

Said Oates: “You can yell, but if you don’t fix the mistakes, the mistakes are going to still occur. The bottom line is you have to be professional… and if I change, they’re going to go, ‘he’s panicking, look, he’s changing,’ and I don’t want to do that.”