Bengals vs. Redskins live blog; home debut for quarterback RG III

      Bengals defensive end Carlos Dunlap sacks Robert Griffin III and forces a fumble during the first half. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

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      AND THAT'S A WRAP: Redskins hurry up offense works only until it doesn't.{ } Bengals win 38-31.

      FOURTH QUARTER: Bengals don't bother trying{ } 54-yard FG attempt with 1:57 left. They punt. Redskins begin work at their 2 with no timeouts and 1:47 now remaining.

      FOURTH QUARTER: Early touch on onside kickoff gives Bengals possession with good field position.

      FOURTH QUARTER: RG III scores on a run from the 2. Still hope for Redskins fans with 3:35 left. Bengals, 38-31.

      WELL: Seven minutes left, Redskins have no timeouts and they're down by two touchdowns. . .

      FOURTH QUARTER: My, my, my. Dalton to Andrew Hawkins for 59-yard scoring pass. FedEx groans. Bengals, 38-24.

      FOURTH QUARTER: Crummy non-call on potential PI infraction against Cincy. It was a clear penalty.

      RANDOM THOUGHT: The best thing about FedEx Field is that it's so easy getting home after the game.

      FOURTH QUARTER: Jermaine Gresham caps long drive with TD catch from the 6. Bengals, 31-24.

      FOURTH QUARTER: D-Hall facemask call gives Bengals ball inside the red zone.

      HEADS: "Right there, the ball hits the chalk." Chalk? Really?

      FOURTH QUARTER: No review? Ah, there it is. This could{ }be big.

      ONE REMAINING: Quarter, that is. Still 24-all.

      THIRD QUARTER: So much for field position and momentum. Redskins punt.

      THIRD QUARTER: Bengals' Green-Ellis fumbles for the first time in a milltion years. Redskins ball at midfield.

      THIRD QUARTER: Griffin short toss from the 3 to Moss. Touchdown. Tied at 24 late in the quarter.

      NETWORK HEADS: "The Redskins are looking to tie up this football game." As opposed to what? The Redskins are looking to tie down this basketball game? Heads. . .

      GUARANTEE: Kyle Shanahan saw something at hafltime and pounced. Washington suddely is gashing the Bengals.

      THIRD QUARTER: Long Redskins drive ends with TD run by Alfred Morris. Game on. Maybe.{ } Bengals, 24-17.

      THIRD QUARTER: Pacman with a needless horse-collar.

      THIRD QUARTER: Redskins get the ball first, moving with a passing first down on third down.

      NUMBERS: RG III has completed five of his 10 passing attempts for 36 yards and run for 23 on three carries. Um. . .this is against a defense that came in third-worst in the league.

      HALFTIME: Weird game early then not so much. Anyone have a Nats score or an update on Tiger's round?

      SECOND QUARTER: Fourth down. Skins at the 18 with a fourth-and-three. Enter Billy Cundiff. Good with 31 seconds left in the half. Bengals, 24-10.

      TWO-MINUTE WARNING:{ }Whatever. Redskins are in field goal range.

      SECOND QUARTER: Green-Ellis in from the 1. Bengals, 24-7. No one's kicking a Bandwagon tire at the moment.

      SECOND QUARTER: RG Three-Sticks fumbles deep. Cincy on on the{ }verge yet again. Mama told me there would be days like these. . .

      SECOND QUARTER: Bengals 47-yard field goal. Certainly no foolish fake this time. Bengals, 17-7.

      RANDOM THOUGHT: Trust me on this one. Veteran NFL writers roll their eyes when they hear announcers breathlessly talk about the so-called "pistol formation." It's nothing more than a nuanced spread offense.

      SECOND QUARTER: After a sack, Bengals settle for 23-yard field goal -- only they don't. It's a blown fake. Kind of a dumb call, really.

      SECOND QUARTER: My, what a stout Redskins defense. Bengals rolling yet again. First and goal at the 6.

      FINALLY: These heads have it right. It's Josh Morgan, not Joshua.

      FIRST QUARTER: Bengals get a 48-yard catch-and-run TD hookup between Dalton and Armon Binns. Bengals, 14-7.{ }

      JUST WONDERING: These heads in the TV booth have it right, but why do so many others insist on referring to the{ }Bengals as 80s rock band 'The Bangles'?

      FIRST QUARTER: Wow. Rob Jackson intercepts a teeny toss by Dalton on a deflection and returns it two inches for a touchdown. What the? Game tied at 7.

      FIRST QUARTER: Alfred Morris is dashing and gashing but LT Trent Williams is down with what appears to be a leg injury.

      FIRST QUARTER: Bengals begin work, and a 73-yard TD pass stuns the home crowd on the first offensive play of the game. Bengals, 7-0.

      OBSERVATION: FedEx is packing them in earlier than usual. Pre-game radio yackers have been waxing about how this atmosphere reminds them of RFK.

      12:55 p.m.: Sam Huff is back.

      EARLY FEEDBACK: From reader Patrick D. --{ }"Since you posted a 1:14 pm story at 12:35 you must be able to tell us future scores. That's what I call coverage. If you'll be so kind as to share the final score 45 minutes early as well I'll rush out to a bookie."

      Welcome to this afternoon’s live blog of the Bengals-Redskins game, the official home debut for Washington rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III. Both teams are 1-1, and the Redskins are favored by 3 points.

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