Baltimore Ravens and the "Super Bowl experience"

Excitement is brewing in New Orleans. For Ravens players and fans who’ve made the trip south, the “Super Bowl experience” includes everything from costumes to loud trains.

To say the Ravens are comfortable in their shoes and enjoying the spotlight in the Big Easy would be an understatement. Tuesday’s Media Day turned into a circus - filled with weird costumes and players answering strange questions.

"How many groupies were in the hotel," said Ravens linebacker Adrian Hamilton of the odd questions being tossed his way.

As far as proof that our local team is relaxed and confident, not even a rude, early 5:30 wake-up call each morning from a train next to their team hotel can faze the Ravens.

As for the fans who have traveled to witness this spectacle in person, some still hoping to end the experience with a bang.

"I know I'm the envy of all my friends,” said Ravens fan Tom Share.

The Ravens take on the 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII this Sunday.