Arturo Gatti, boxer, did not commit suicide autopsy reveals

An autopsy revealed Arturo Gatti suffered a major laceration to the back of his head before his death. (Photo: AP)

NORTH BERGEN, N.J. (AP) - A head injury found on late boxer Arturo Gatti shows that he didn't commit suicide in 2009.

That's the conclusion of a forensic expert hired by Gatti's former manager. The results of a 10-month investigation are being presented at a northern New Jersey boxing gym on Wednesday.

Forensic expert Brent Turvey says a significant laceration on the back of Gatti's head shows that he was the victim of an assault before his death.

Gatti, a popular former junior welterweight champion, was found dead in an apartment he had rented with his family on the Brazilian seaside.

Brazilian police initially considered Gatti's wife a prime suspect. But they ultimately concluded Gatti had hung himself with a handbag strap.

A civil trial over the late boxer's estate is proceeding in Canada.