Art Donovan's championship ring returned after three decades

Art Donovan's 1958 NFL title ring. (Photo: Howard County Police)

In 1958, Baltimore Colts defensive tackle Art Donovan was an integral part of the team that won the NFL championship in what many regard as the "greatest game ever played."

The ring he won in that game, though, was stolen during a trip to Japan in 1977.

More than three decades later, Howard County Police say that they've tracked down and recovered the missing ring.

Police received a tip that a 1958 championship ring was being sold on Craigslist by a seller in Elkridge, Md. for $20,000. Detectives then posed as buyers and met with the seller. During the transaction, they advised the owner of the ring that it was regarded as stolen property.

An investigation determined that the Craigslist seller has bought the ring from a sports memorabilia dealer several years before. The seller told police that the ring should be given back to Donovan, a 1968 inductee to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The ring, which is engraved with Donovan's name and his #70, was determined to be authentic by the Indianapolis Colts organization and returned to him.