RG3'S First Test; Grading DC Teachers; Corp.Contributions; Adopt-a-Thon

Today on NewsTalk, Robert Griffin III makes his NFL debut with the Redskins. Tom Threlkeld of DC Pro Sports Report gave his analysis of Thursday's game against the Buffalo Bills.

Emma Brown of the Washington Post discussed DC School's Chancellor Kaya Henderson's changes to the "Impact" system. That's the{ }system that grades teacher's performance in the classroom.

And, Elissa Silverman talked about{ }the{ }fight{ }to prevent corporations from{ }providing donations to{ }political candidates in DC. Organizers of Initiative 70 hit a snag this week when the DC Board of Elections ruled they hadn't collected enough signatures.

In our last segment, we were joined by Natalie Kahla and some furry friends from The Washington Animal Rescue League. Saturday, August 11{ }the rescue league{ }holds its 2nd annual Adop-a-Thon.

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