#Chillin4Charity helps coaches cool off for cancer

WASHINGTON (NewsChannel 8) - The latest viral internet video is more than just a challenge. It’s a challenge with a cause.

The #Chillin4Charity movement has made its way from the West Coast to the East and from women’s basketball coaches to men’s, television personalities, and professional athletes.

Coaches and players are calling one another out to have a bucket of ice water dumped over their head. If the coach doesn’t accept the challenge they owe the Kay Yow Cancer Fund $250, but if they accept and complete the challenge the coach who challenged them will donate 25$ to the fund. Coaches have 48 hours after being called out to complete the challenge and post a video. Players are participating by paying with community service.

“It was just a great opportunity to come together across the country,” Georgetown women’s basketball head coach Natasha Adair said.

The challenge started with Arizona head coach Niya Butts who called the Kay Yow Cancer Fund on June 13th with the idea. The fund loved it and on Monday, June 16 the hashtag began to take off.

According to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund analytics as of July third the #Chillin4Charity had 34,000 tweets, 141,000 retweets, and reached 92 million and donations notably increased.

“We are elated with the outpouring of support from the #Chillin4Charity initiative! This has been a grassroots effort that started with Coach Niya Butts (Arizona) and went viral. This is a wonderful example of the impact Coach Kay Yow had with not only her colleagues in women’s basketball, but beyond.” Brenda Steen, director of marketing and development, said in an email.

Hall of Fame Coach Kay Yow passed away in 2009 after losing her battle with breast cancer. Yow was at the helm of N.C. State’s women’s basketball program for 34 years and coached a gold medal winning Olympic team in 1988.

“She was such a role model to a lot of student athletes and I just feel for her we want to do whatever we can to stop this breast cancer situation that's going on a across the country,” said American University head Coach Megan Gebbia.

Local coaches from George Washington, George Mason, Georgetown, and American have all completed the challenge and challenged others.

“Diane Richardson on our staff was challenged by the new coach at Georgetown Natasha Adair so to be able to spread things through the DMV community in a competitive nature was great,” George Washington coach Jonathan Tsipis said.

“It’s just been amazing how this has just caught on a gone nationwide and started as women's basketball but has really gone outside that scope too,” George Mason coach Nyla Milleson, who challenged new Athletic Director Brad Edwards, said.

It’s unknown just how many will complete the challenge. The Fund says all are welcome. Participants can keep up their financial end of the bargain by sending a check to The Kay Yow Cancer Fund headquarters in North Carolina or online at

Adair and Georgetown would like to see their neighbors in the White House get involved.

“First Lady Michelle Obama, we're calling you out. Why not take it all the way to the top.”