Maryland Terrapins new uniforms cause a stir

Maryland RB Davin Meggett sports the new Terps gear.

The Maryland Terrapins opened up the 2011 season with a new look - in more than one way.

On the sidelines, Monday night's 32-24 season opening win over the Miami Hurricanes was filled with firsts for the Terrapins new coaching staff, led by first-year head coach Randy Edsall's first win in College Park.

But perhaps the biggest and most talked about introduction Monday night had nothing to do with players or coaches themselves - it was what they were wearing that sparked the most passionate debate.

The Terps sported new helmets and jerseys that were adorned by the Maryland state flag. One side had the classic black and yellow checkerboard pattern, while the other included the red and white crest of the Crossland family.

This jersey and helmet combination was not part of the larger unveiling the Terps made in August and came as a surprise to fans and analysts.

Almost immediately, Twitter lit up with reaction to the Terrapins new Under Armour gear. Some of it was good:

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Our football uniforms are awesome, because our flag is better than your flag: #Maryland #Terps #FeartheTurtleTue Sep 06 05:08:39 via TweetDeckBrian Griffiths

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For the record: LOVED the Terps unis last night. Sep 06 11:31:34 via webMatt Valdez

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These Maryland uniforms are shockingly hideous. But guarantee you, they'll be talked about on every show tomorrow. National pub for Terps.Tue Sep 06 00:32:45 via webSkip Bayless

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Oh goodness. Maryland changed helmets from hideous pregame to ... something ... maybe ... worse! What is that???Mon Sep 05 23:59:17 via webPat Forde

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However, the fact of the matter is that for four hours last night and even into Tuesday, the national conversation is about Maryland football, which is the kind of publicity the school is certain to love.

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