Former UMD football coach Ralph Friedgen now coaching at Rutgers

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. (WJLA) – His team colors are still red and black, although that trademark “M” for the University of Maryland has been replaced by an “R” for Rutgers University. Yes, a re-branded Ralph “The Fridge” Friedgen is back in football.

“So many people have texted me or emailed me or written me about how good it is that I’m back in football,” said Friedgen.

Friedgen is a Rutgers man now; he took over as offensive coordinator in the offseason.

“I’ve learned a lot of things here. And when you’ve been coaching 40 years and you’re still learning things, that’s a good thing—that makes football even more interesting … I'm very happy,” he said.

Friedgen was a far cry from happy following the 2010 season, when he got fired—despite leading the Terps to a 9-4 record and winning ACC Coach of the Year.

“The last game I coached was the [2010] Military Bowl, and I don’t know how many coaches coach their final game with people in the stands chanting their name,” Friedgen said. “I think the people at Maryland still have a lot of affection for me. There’s some that don’t—I understand that. But I think there’s more that do than don’t. And so that’s why it’ll always be special to me.”

And how's this for irony? Rutgers plays at UMD on Nov. 29—the final game of the year.

“Somebody told me it’s sold out. It took me to come back to sell it out, I guess,” Friedgen said, laughing.