Arizona/UCLA brawl sparked after streaker takes field (Video)

      The fight between Arizona and UCLA broke out near the end of the 1st half. (Photo: ESPN)

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      Two ugly brawls in two separate college football games this week have led to dozen of suspensions and embarrassment for the schools involved.

      The first fight took place in a Southwest Athletic Conference game between Southern and Arkansas-Pine Bluff in Birmingham, Ala. this past Saturday.

      Sports Illustrated reports that 41 players, including 25 from Arkansas-Pine Bluff and 16 from Southern, have been suspended after a massive fight broke out after Southern had an extra point blocked, leading to a Pine Bluff victory.

      Even more bizarre, though, was the incident in Tucson, Ariz., where the Arizona Wildcats were hosting the UCLA Bruins in a Pac-12 match-up.

      Just before halftime, with the Wildcats up 42-7, a fan raced onto the field dressed as a referee and removed his clothes. Shortly thereafter, a brawl broke out during which both benches emptied.

      Two players, one from each team, were ejected. There is no word of supplemental discipline as of Friday morning.