Navy/Marine Corps Classic: Georgetown/Florida game tickets go for $1,000

Tickets are now available to see the Georgetown Hoyas men's basketball team play the Florida Gators on a Naval Carrier this coming November, but be warned - it'll cost you.

College Basketball Talk reports that the Nov. 9 game at Jacksonville's Naval Station Mayport, dubbed the Navy/Marine Corps Classic, will carry a ticket price of $1,000.

Granted, as a Jacksonville city official told 1010XL radio, that $1,000 ticket will also get you into a Jacksonville Jaguars NFL game, a concert and several other events. However, that price tag may price out the common fan.

Jacksonville's executive director for sports & entertainment, Alan Verlander, told 1010XL that they are possibly working out a deal for students.

"We're looking at potentially doing some kind of thing for the students at both Georgetown and Florida, but it would be on a very limited basis," Verlander said.

In the meantime, though, if you want to be one of the 8,000 to see the Hoyas and Gators battle it out on the deck of a ship, you should probably start counting your C notes.