Coach of the week: Westfield's Kyle Simmons

Westfield's Kyle Simmons isn't your average football coach. Yes, another state title for Simmons this year but a bigger battle has been won. Simmons is a cancer survivor. He was diagnosed in 2014 shortly before the season started but he says the best part was going to practice everyday.

"For those two to three hours i didn't have to thing about what I was going through, I was thinking about football and the people I was with," says Simmons.

In 2015 Simmons led Westfield to their first title in 8 years followed up by another title for 2016.

"To do it back to back is not easy to do, especially when you lose players and I lost some coaches from my staff. To be able to do it again says a lot for the school and for the program, "said Simmons.

As for his personal victory his fight was for his family and that includes inspiring his players to persevere.

"I was trying to set a great example and let them know I wasn't going to ask anything of them that I wasn't willing to ask of myself."

That's why he is our coach of the week. Please see his story in the video above.

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