Coach of the week: Eric Singletary of Sidwell Friends

Eric Singletary.PNG

Eric Singletary is the head basketball coach at Sidwell Friends School. It's a job that he doesn't consider work. Before this dream job Singletary had other dreams.

"I wanted to be an attorney," said Singletary.

But his love for the game never went away after playing in college. Because of that he has the opportunity to watch one of his former players receive one of college basketball's highest honors.

"The only word that can really describe it is surreal," says Singletary.

Josh Hart is a Villanova guard who's the front runner for College Player of the Year. One of Singletary's former stand outs.

"The improvemen that he's made over the last four years under Coach Wright has been unbelievable. Obviously the run they made going to the final four to win it all, to experience that with him and still be close to him and his family is an unbelievable ride," says Singletary

Like most coaches it's all about the mentoring.

"At the end of the day to raise young men to be bold and conquer their fears, that's the joy I get out of coaching,"

Please see his story in the video above.

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