Super Bowl 2013: Fans and players cheer for media day

(Photo: James Joslyn)

It’s kind of like a freshman mixer. Select players are mic'd up and sit on podiums. Think Ray Lewis and Joe Flacco. But the rest of the team mingles and you know what? They're fans too.

Just look at 6'5" 350 pound Ma'ake Kemoeatu posing like a kid in front of his teammates.

“I’m taking pictures - I got video cameras I taking pictures,” he says. “Everybody having a blast taking it all in.”

This year, the paying fans got to share the experience too, with a $25 ticket - people like native Marylander Matt Peters.

“I just want to see all the players give them a strong Baltimore welcome to New Orleans, wish ‘em luck for weekend,” Peters says.

While players and a “who's who” of sports media stars worked the Superdome playing field, fans in the stands took pictures and looked for their favorites.

“We want to see Ray Lewis one last time,” said Traci Broussard.

Mission accomplished. For the fans at least, Tuesday really was super.

“I wish we could have one every year like this,” says fan Billy D'Antoni. “I mean, this really is the ideal place. Right in center of country always warm.”

Earlier in the day, the 49ers headed to the Superdome for media day. This year, it was open to fans and some family the 49'ers went first and then two hours later the Ravens.

Ravens superstar Terrell Suggs' wife, kids and cousins all told ABC7 how delighted they were.

“I am super excited,” said Candace Suggs.