Pinterest: The rise of the social photo sharing site

Social network superstar Pinterest has enjoyed meteoric growth in recent months.

The digital pinboarding site launched in 2010 but in January passed more than 10 million monthly visitors, experiencing faster growth than any other independent site ever.

The site works like this: users can 'pin' any image they find online onto their categorized boards and also re-pin images they find on other users' boards onto their own.

The users vary as well, although the gender skew favors women at 68.2 percent to men at 31.8 percent. Nordstrom pins fashion ideas, Whole Foods pins recipes for dinner and even Mitt Romney's wife, Ann, pins insider campaign photos.

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Florist Holly Heider Chapple noticed a trend as soon as she saw Lana Arthur's wedding board on Pinterest.

"[Chapple] scrolled through my Pinterest board and sure enough, probably every other picture had an arrangement with Dahlias in it," said Arthur.

Chappel said Pinterest significantly speeds up the time it takes to know a bride's style.

"I have a window straight into who they are and what they want for their wedding, style is very clear," Chapple said.

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For business, it's been great. Anytime someone clicks on one of her images anywhere on Pinterest, it connects back to her website or blog.

"It's the fourth largest pull for when I check my Google Analytics," Chapple said. "It's bringing in that much traffic to my site."

The site isn't just helping small businesses, it's the top social media driver to Martha Stewart's websites and is sending 6,000 percent more traffic to Cooking Lite's site compared to six months ago.