Zoraida Hernandez granted bond at hearing

The woman who left her 8-month-old son in a hot car for hours, and later died, was granted bond Wednesday by a judge in Arlington.

Zoraida Hernandez, the woman accused of leaving the baby in her car on a scorching day last week, faces felony child neglect charges.

A judge granted a $25,000 bond to Hernandez, whom defense attorneys say is very distraught.

Case workers, however, must make sure that the home is safe and do background checks on people caring for remaining children.

Hernandez must undergo counseling and she's not allowed to be alone with her other children. She will be allowed to attend the child's funeral.

“I'm having a hard time understanding how she could miss the child,” Arlington County judge Esther Wiggins said during the hearing. “That indicates to me she's a danger to the kids."

Police said she left her 8-month-old son in a car for six hours last week while she was at work. According to police, Hernandez said she forgot to drop the boy off at day care.

The small child had a body temperature of 108 degrees when he died.

"She didn't even give him a second he was burning to death," the prosecutor said.

The next hearing is July 18.

Hernandez's nephew David said she's very dedicated to her kids and they are her priority.

Her four other children will remain with family while she remains in jail.

“We will try to provide as much as we can, as much support, love, emotional support, and financial support as we can,” said a man who said he's Hernandez' brother.