Zombie apocalypse? The CDC is getting you ready

The Centers for Disease Control inadvertedly may have uncovered a weakness in their own emergency preparations when they published a blog post titled "Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse.” The post became so popular that the surge in traffic crashed the CDC blog, AdWeek reports.

That may be a concern considering people would likely try to find guidance from the centers in case of an actual emergency. Luckily, the main CDC site was still available.

The CDC was using the idea as social media bait to ensure that Americans are ready in the event of an actual emergency. It doesn't actually believe that American can face a zombie apocalypse. The post includes advice that's valuable not just for a zombie attack, but a flood, tornado or life-threatening viral outbreak.

The emergency measures, posted on the CDC page, are reinforced in the viral web site. In addition to the understandable stockpile (food, water, emergency supplies), the CDC advises that Americans keep sanitary supplies, bedding, and a copy of important documents in a safe place.

The CDC also advises that all families develop an emergency plan for any occasion, whether it be a flood, earthquake, hurricane, tornado or roving band of zombies feasting on the living after humanity has collapsed in a rapture-like event. After all, you know what's going to happen on Saturday.

With reporting from TBD's Jeremy Binckes and ABC7's Jay Korff.