Zoe returned home

Zoe is home after having gone missing since May 24. (Photo: Brianne Carter)

It was a homecoming fit for ... an adorable dog.

Zoe went missing May 24th from the front yard of her house.

“We canvassed the neighborhood and went out that first day and we determined she's gone, but this is so unlike her,” the dog’s owner Kaye Stoopman said.

She called dog trackers, put up posters and posted pictures of her Boston terrier on numerous websites but no one knew where she was.

On Monday, Stoopman received a phone call. “The feeling was almost surreal because he said ‘I have your dog,’” she said.

A Woodbridge family spotted the 7-year-old pup over the weekend and took her to the vet. She was identified because of an electronic chip that contained all her information.

She was returned to her family Monday.

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