Zebras roam Leesburg neighborhood

A pair of zebras went galloping through a Loudoun County neighborhood Tuesday.

Neighbors in Leesburg were shocked when they saw the wild animals on their street.

“I think I've had too much coffee today, I think I'm seeing zebras in front of the house,” Dianne Murphy posted on Facebook when she awoke to the graceful animals grazing in front of her yard.

“It was just a little chaotic and surprising and they're very beautiful animals but you're kinda thinking where are they going to go?” Murphy said.


The two zebras had roamed less than a mile from the Leesburg animal zoo when a maintenance worker accidentally left a gate open.

“They were not a concern as far as them attacking anybody, or um attacking anyone's animals,” Nicola Alicandro of the zoo said.

But the zoo was worried to see the wild animals roaming the roadways for some three hours.

Neighbors grabbed their cameras to capture the captivating creatures.

“I have a friend who moved to Africa and I was saying ‘look you didn't even have to move out of the area, you couldn't just stayed in Leesburg and seen the wildlife,’” Murphy joked.

Sheriff's deputies and animal control officers were able to use tranquilizers on the zebras to get them back to the petting zoo where they are resting safe and sound.