World War II veterans sing God Bless America on Honor Flight

The veterans from an Honor Flight from Mississippi were allowed into the memorial despite the shutdown. Photo: Hatzel Vela

(WJLA) - Over the past two days, a number of groups of World War II veterans defied "closed for business" signs and visited the monument erected in their honor despite a government shutdown.

Congressmen and National Park Service rangers on both Tuesday and Wednesday stepped aside and allowed those who served during World War II to fulfill the goal of their Honor Flight and visit the memorial.

One of those groups came from the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and one of those veterans was 93-year-old John Murphy.

"I've wanted to come ever since it opened," Murphy said Tuesday. "It's an honor to be here."

Eventually, their trip to the World War II Memorial ended and they boarded a flight back home. On that flight, Murphy and his fellow American heroes serenaded each other.

Watch as the Honor Flight breaks into God Bless America.