Working Women: Carin Levine and Julia Kepniss

Picture perfect brides on the biggest day of their lives, wearing dresses they always dreamed about. They found it at boutique bridal salon in Georgetown called Hitched.

If Hitched owners Carin Levine and Julia Kepniss look comfortable together, the truth is they can finish each other’s sentences. Rewind to middle school, when they bonded over the music group the Bangles.

Their friendship lasted through the years. Carin went to business school at Yale. Julia went to Georgetown Law. When they were both getting married – and in each other’s wedding of course – Julia and Carin felt like the D.C. bridal market needed something new, hip and friendly.

They decided to put their entrepreneurial spirits to the test and opened Hitch in 2005.

They knew going into business together could be the end of a rare friendship. But after traveling and rooming together, and celebrating each other’s growing families, Julia and Carin say it’s the perfect partnership.