Weekend Metro work changes

Metro will soon start a new tactic for weekend track work.

Metro will temporarily close an{ }individual station or clusters of stations and replace the train service with bus service. This will go on for about two of every three weekends over the next 18 months.

"Our new approach will enable us to get more work done, more safely and more effectively with less overtime, while inconveniencing fewer customers than we otherwise would given the massive rebuilding effort we're undertaking," said Richard Sarles, Metro General Manager and Chief Executive Officer.

From Metro: The approach is similar to major construction work such as the project that recently took place over Memorial Day weekend. Rather than attempting to single-track every train through a work zone-affecting service on the entire line-customers instead will be provided free shuttle bus service around the work area.{ }

This weekend, Metro says{ }customers traveling on the red, blue and orange lines should expect to add 20 minutes to their commutes because of track work.

On the red line, track work will start Friday evening and continue through Sunday. Trains will share one track between Grosvenor-Strathmore and Twinbrook and between Takoma and Forest Glen while workers upgrade train control rooms and work on station platforms.

On the blue and orange lines, trains will share one track between Foggy Bottom-GWU and Arlington Cemetery. Metro is replacing rail fasteners in the area.