Water can be set on fire at Louisiana home

The water at two homes owned by the family is flammable. Photo: KSLA

(KSLA/CNN) - For some homeowners, maintaining hot water to their showers and pipes can sometimes be a struggle. For a family in Louisiana, the water is on fire.


The Parker family of Dixie, La., about 30 miles east of Shreveport, is dealing with a highly unusual situation - the water coming from their pipes can be set on fire. The family owns two houses on a property that shares a private well, and they suspect that methane is leaking into their water.

Anadarko Petroleum, a local oil and gas company, began drilling close to both homes about a year ago, and family members suspect that the drilling is leading directly to the problem.

How did they figure out what was happening? Sarah Evans, a family member, decided to take a lighter to the water at her parents house. It lit up like a torch at both her parents' home and the one where his brother lives.

"His blew up and caught the fringe of the curtains," Evans said. "That's how high the flames came up."

The family also claims that Meaghan, the daughter of the family that lives in the homes, once passed out simply while doing the dishes.

Anadarko says that they will be testing their equipment to see if there are any leaks; in the meantime, they have delivered several cases of water to the families. However, because the Dixie area is rich in natural gas, experts say that the Parker's water problem could be natural.

"We have no examples where we've actually seen natural gas coming in from the well that was drilled nearby," hydrologist Gary Hanson says.