Washington area has seven of top 10 richest counties in U.S.

Photo: A Fairfax County scene. "Two horses before the storm," © 2008 by particlem via Creative Commons/WJLA)

New numbers from the Census Bureau hint that the economy may be turning for the better.

And the same report shows many local communities are doing quite well financially.

The District is is surrounded by counties that are among the top in the nation for household incomes.

Least surprised to hear that Loudoun County tops the country with the highest household incomes in America? Those that live there.

They cite great schools as a reason for moving there and they say the houses are expensive.

Counties within the Washington region claimed seven of the top ten spots for median income. And all average over $90,000. Loudoun averages more than $119,000.

Behind Loudoun and Fairfax Counties, Arlington County is number three on the list. And that's especially impressive because single-income households make up 40 percent of the households.

Also in the top ten are Howard, Prince William, Fauquier, and Montgomery.

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