Violence concerns D.C.'s protesters

(Photo: Kendis Gibson)

At Occupy Los Angeles, protesters turned on each other. In Oakland, the violence was directed at police. The city of Portland's attempts to clear a park where protesters were camping ended in a clash between police and protesters.

In D.C., Occupy protesters who've been in McPherson Square since early October have been paying close attention to the violence across the country.

“It’s physically disgusting that you can brutalize people who are peacefully protesting,” said protester Melinda Butler.

So far, the protests in the District have remained peaceful. MPD officers are monitoring protesters around the clock, and except for the occasional marijuana infractions, they've stayed clear of confronting protesters.

In early November, three protesters were allegedly struck by a driver who is accused of fleeing the scene. Police chose not to prosecute the driver, saying that the driver had a green light when he struck the victims.

But D.C. occupiers know there will be a day when they, too, will have to pack up.

The city could remove the protesters if health issues arise. Volunteer medical crews are busy trying to keep everyone healthy. But with 200 people living in a tiny square for weeks, conditions are starting to go downhill.

“The bathrooms are horrible,” said protester Aram Carapaid. “I went into the bathroom and I, like, freaked.”