Videos show collisions, close calls by Metro buses

Video obtained by our partners at WTOP show a high number of accidents involving Metro buses.

The videos are from bus dashboard cameras, which have been installed in every bus, and show collisions and close calls, putting pedestrians and other drivers in danger.

In one video, a bus hits and SUV that is then propelled into the back of a school bus.

"I think [the bus drivers are] just not paying attention and there's negligence," said Sarah Pernick. "I don't think they should be driving a bus."

In other videos, buses can be seen blowing through red lights.

"It's pretty scary," said George Duncan, D.C. resident. " I've been on a bus and have been scared and I've been in a car and they've scared me."

Some of the accidents were the fault of the bus driver and others were unavoidable. But Metro calls them all teachable moments.

"Generally, when we have an accident, 35-40 percent of the incidents are preventable," said Jack Requa, Metro Assistant General Manager.

While the videos are dramatic, Metro points out they only represent a small fraction of the millions of miles buses drive each year.

A Metro spokesperson could not say how many, if any, of the drivers on the videos have been fired, but did say that when drivers are found to be at fault, they are disciplined and sometimes fired.

The videos were obtained by WTOP's transportation reporter Adam Tuss through a public records request.

"We had more than 200 videos we went through and that was just a two-month period," Tuss said.