Thieves steal valuables from two Loudoun churches

The Loudoun County sheriff's department is hoping to crack two robberies that targeted churches in Leesburg and Arcola.

“It's horrible. It's definitely an invasion of our space, and...who steals from a church?” asked Barbara Ladany, the pre-school director at Arcola Methodist Church.

Monday afternoon someone stole an estimated $4,000 in electronics, a laptop off a desk in Ladany's office and a couple of digital cameras from her drawer.

“You just wonder, are you safe when you're here?” Ladany said.

The thieves also took two flat screen TVs and DVD players from a meeting room.

“We don't know how they got in, and all the doors were locked, and nothing was broken's very strange,” said Becci Tunell, a church spokeswoman.

The church used the cameras and laptop to teach children.

“To think that someone would come in and take the stuff that we use in the preschool is very sad,” Tunell said.

Roughly 45 minutes later, less than 15 miles away, someone stole a recently purchased shed in a box from the worship center Assembly of God in Leesburg.

“That leads us to believe it was probably one person and that's all they could carry at the time,” Loudoun County Sheriff Stephen Simpson said.

Police believe the same person may have committed the crimes but they have no suspect or vehicle description.

Members of Arcola church hope insurance will cover the claim.

Still, “I would like to see the people who did it caught,” said Tunell.