Using Segways to deliver pizzas

Anyone who’s ever tried to park a car in the Clarendon neighborhood knows it can take a while to find a parking space. That’s not the only reason resident Hoang Quocgia and his wife ordered pizza for dinner.

But instead of a car, the pizza delivery man arrived on a Segway.

That’s Joel Mehr’s answer to the Clarendon parking nightmare.

This week, Mehr and his partners at Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza debuted their brand new Segway – outfitted with its own cargo rack – to make deliveries within a mile radius of the restaurant. The Quocgia’s pizza was their first delivery.

Mehr says the Segway allows drivers to make deliveries much faster than wasting time in traffic and searching for parking.

“The more I realized I could actually take it into a building into an elevator and right to the customer's door and I could be in a mile radius in five minutes,” he said.

In his own research, Mehr says he only knows of two other restaurants around the country that use Segways to make deliveries. If all goes well, he plans to add more in Clarendon and at his other D.C. locations.