Upper Marlboro food drive begins anew

(Photo: Brad Bell)

September floods in Upper Marlboro destroyed tons of non-perishable food items gathered for the annual Christmas food drive.

The food drive now must start over again. The drive is a joint effort between employees of the police fire corrections and sheriff's departments.

When Executive director Bill Milligan opened the warehouse door in September, he says he was crushed.

The charity Milligan runs had stored all the food they'd collected for the annual Christmas food basket program in a warehouse in the heart of the flood zone.

“We had probably 65, 70, 55 gallon drums with canned goods that were floating around like bobbers in there. All of our equipment, pallet jacks, hand trucks, all of our tape guns, everything we do our program was in there. It’s all contaminated,” Mulligan said.

Every year the food drive serves about 3,000 households. Milligan says he is seeking cash donations so he can deliver the food baskets despite the loss.

“It was a little set-back but you know were still going to do 3,000 baskets, canned goods may be light but we're still going to do it,” Mulligan said.

To donate, make checks payable to the PSAP Food Drive, P.O. Box 548, Upper Marlboro, Md. 20773.

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