Union Market hosts grand opening Saturday

Saturday morning the new Union Market will host a big grand opening in Northeast Washington.

It's an upgrade of the farmers market that's already there on 5th Street NE off Florida Avenue. And it's all part of changing times in the neighborhood.

Less than 24 hours before it's formal opening, Union Market was still a construction zone with contractors putting the finishing touches on stalls.

Like Righteous Cheese, a dream come true for Carolyn Stromberg.

"I'm pretty excited," she says. "I wanted to open in Union Market because I think it's going to be an amazing place with a lots of different artisan vendors. It's a place I'd want to show, so I want to build a cheese shop where everyone feels the same way."

Union Market is in the midst of a warehouse zone, teeming with businesses owned by people born in every corner of the world. But this is the first place targeting new residents of a surrounding neighborhood that's booming with new construction, particularly upscale residential.

"I like the neighborhood, I feel like there's a lot of things going on," says Sara Nielson, a resident. "That's definitely an improvement. It's nice to have a market that close by."

They've even come up with something to do with used water bottles - a crystal chandelier.

The developer, Edens, says Union Market will provide high quality produce and meat, but also prepared foods and specialty items. There's a Rappahannock Oyster Bar.

Peregrine Espresso, opening it's third D.C. location, compares this to Eastern Market.

"Like Eastern Market, combined with a really high quality food court."

The developers insist they'll open on time Saturday.