Adam Kokesh arraigned on drug charges

Kokesh posted a video of himself cocking a shotgun in Freedom Plaza on July 4. Photo: YouTube

Gun rights activist Adam Kokesh is due to be arraigned in a Fairfax County court Thursday.

Kokesh, the prominent libertarian activist and Internet show host, was due to appear in a Fairfax County courtroom Wednesday morning on drug and gun charges.

However, a court official says that Kokesh refused to appear before a judge.

Kokesh's arrest came less than a week after he purportedly loaded and cocked a shotgun in Freedom Plaza. The July 4 incident was filmed and posted to YouTube.

Today, Kokesh is being arraigned on drugs charges. police say they found hallucinogenic mushrooms when they searched his house Tuesday night. Kokesh also has an Oct. 2 preliminary hearing in a Fairfax County court.

The 31-year-old Iraq war veteran had his Herndon home searched by U.S. Park Police on Tuesday night. He was then arrested on charges of drug possession and drug while possessing firearms.

He's being held at the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center.

Kokesh posted a video to YouTube last Thursday, in which he appears to load and cock a shotgun while standing blocks from the White House. The open carry of firearms in the District of Columbia is illegal.

The activist planned, then canceled, an armed, open-carry march on the District of Columbia for Independence Day. The 22-second video clip made several allusions to revolution in the United States.

"We will not be silent, we will not obey...we will not allow our government to destroy our humanity," Kokesh said in the video.

In a statement released early Wednesday morning, Lucas Jewell, Kokesh's manager, says that people inside the Snowflake Court home were handcuffed while authorities searched the property.