U.S. Marine Corps celebrates 236th birthday

The Marine Corps museum.

The U.S. Marine Corps celebrates its 236th birthday today.

At every post in the Corps, Marines will share a cake and honor their history, as they did at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Triangle, Va.

“We all share the same stories, maybe at a different time or place, but we all share the same stories,” said Cpl. Edward Parker of Portsmouth, Va.

In this time-honored tradition, the first piece of cake goes to the oldest marine present, which was 88-year-old tech Sergeant Robert Janke.

He then gives it to the youngest marine present, 22-year-old Corporal Samuel Bundy.

“I didn't realize I'd be the youngest Marine, I figured they'd use one of the active-duty marines- myself, I just got out this summer,” Cpl. Bundy said.

The ceremony symbolizes the passing of experience and knowledge to the next generation of Marines.

“This is to show how seriously we take our marine corps. Heritage and how important Nov. 10th is and we do this every year on this day,” said Gunnery Sergeant Gary Porter.

The first Marines served in of 1775. The celebrations will continue throughout the evening, Veterans Day, and Saturday evening at the commandant's Marine Corps birthday ball at the Gaylord Convention Center at National Harbor.

“For the rest of your life you will stand at attention and honor those who've gone before, those who are fighting now and those who have paid the full price,” said retired Marine Bill Peters.

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