Two of the country's best bathrooms are in Virginia

Who knew there's someone out there who ranks toilets? (Photo by Britt Selvitelle/Flickr).

(AP, ABC7) There seems to be a competition for everything, even for the best bathrooms in the country. And since we’re talking about it: Two facilities in the region are among 10 finalists nationwide in a contest to determine America's Best Restroom.

One of them is at the Renaissance Hotel in Arlington, which patrons say is one to remember.

“I actually have never been in a bathroom that looked this pretty,” said Debbie Ballard. “It was like a spa experience.”

Every detail reflects the hotel's theme of motion and movement, from the eye-catching birds painted on the wall to the sink. Hot water from the faucets pours out in a stream of red light, while cold water prompts a blue stream.

Now, you may expect luxury at a hotel, but probably not at a port-a-potty. In Chantilly, the Presidential Luxury Restroom Trailer at Don's Johns is sort of the Air Force One of porta-potties.

The toilet trailers are anything but tawdry: Inside you'll find granite counters, marble-style walls and a mounted flat-screen TV. They were originally built for President Obama's inauguration in 2009.

These trailers typically are provided to VIP guests at events like the U.S. Open and the inauguration. The price tag matches the elite interior: The potties rent for $3,000 a week.

Mark Mustachio says he thinks he’s the underdog in the best bathroom contest, but feels these trailers have a competitive advantage “There’s no one around with anything to this caliber,” he says.

The online contest is sponsored by Cintas Corp., which sells restroom supplies among other products. The winner will be announced in September.