Two killed deer found in Montgomery County creek

Neighbors in Montgomery County are concerned after two dead deer were found in a creek.

Chip Py discovered the two deer carcasses in a culvert, gutted and their antlers removed, when he was walking his dog Saturday evening. County police had them removed. Hunting is illegal in Montgomery County parks.

“I'm worried about the fact that this is a residential neighborhood. We are less than a gunshot away from the park, and if there's a hunting issue in the park I think the park needs to be concerned about that,” Py said.

Park Police have beefed up patrols now that bow season is underway.

“We have no calls for service indicating that we've had any issues with hunting or hunters in that park. I will say that neighbors of the park--they are our eyes and ears,” said Lt. Lauryn McNeill of the Park Police.

McNeill says residents should look out for signs like tape or thumbtacks on trees. Look up 20 feet or so and you may see a deer stand. She advises if residents came across such a stand, to call park police and leave the area.

Chad Fleschner, who has a 3-year-old daughter, says the thought of hunters that close is disturbing.

“Whether they're hunting with bows and arrows or with bullets or shot, I don't want it in my neighborhood,” Fleschner said.