TSA to test program to whisk "trusted travelers" through security

Many air travelers would love to get through security quicker. A new TSA program could make that happen for so-called “trusted travelers.”

“Anything that would expedite transportation, people going from one place to another would be fantastic,” said Sam Abney, who was rushing to get through security on a busy day at Reagan National Airport with his wife Mary Lou.

The Transportation Safety Administration’s “trusted traveler” program could accomplish just that. The TSA would go through your frequent flyer history, which is kept by the airlines for decades, to determine your profile.

Passenger said they were wary of having TSA analyze data that long in the past. “If the system can be fixed so it's faster and still safe then I'm for it,” said Deborah Jacoboson.

If you qualify for the program, a "trusted traveler" note would show up on a bar code on your boarding pass. Then you could breeze through security with limited screening.

The news met with mixed results from passengers at Reagan National Airport Thursday.

“TSA already digs into our privacy enough and to go back through my history of where I've travelled and why is just not something I would be interested in,” said Evan Blackmon.

“A criminal is going to be a criminal they are going to find ways through everything,” Mary Lou Abney said. “I don't mind them searching my purse and my bag, I don't have anything to hide. The way they're doing it is fine.”

The trusted traveler program will be tested at a handful of airports around the country as early as this summer.