TSA finds disguised stun gun on woman at LAX airport

A passenger bound for D.C. was carrying a stun gun disguised as a phone. Transportation Security officials found the weapon, but allowed the woman to continue her journey.

TSA Officers found the stun gun that was disguised as a smart phone during passenger screening at Los Angeles International Airport Monday night.

Police allowed the passenger to continue her flight to Reagan-Washington National Airport (DCA) after they took the stun gun from her.

TSA said the agency has detected more than 1,100 guns this year.

“Every day, thousands of passengers bring electronic devices like laptop computers and smart phones to airport checkpoints across the country. Most are screened without incident, but occasionally, like in this case, we find appearances can be deceiving,” a TSA spokeswoman said.

TSA said most passengers who carry forbidden items do so without ill intent, though bringing a dangerous item to the checkpoint or an attempt to artfully conceal a prohibited item may result in a civil penalty on the traveler.

In a separate incident, a woman says a TSA agent demanded her full head of hair be searched.

Longtime D.C. resident Miriam Stewart-Early says she was humiliated and embarrassed on Saturday when a TSA agent at Chicago’s Midway airport demanded the search.

"My carry-on went through the x-ray... She said because I can't see through it,” the hair had to be searched, Stewart-Early said.

She's a frequent flyer and has had her long, thick tresses for 25 years, but says this is this first time she's ever had a problem at the airport.

"I think there is a limit... We have to find that limit,” said traveler Jim Lyons.

TSA officials said "additional targeted screenings may be provided to areas where dangerous items could be located. This could include bulky clothing, headwear, and in some cases hair."

Traveler Chris Jones agrees with the extra check, but believes it could have been handled better.

"Well that is a problem of it wasn't done in private,” he said.