Trial for Kenneth Furr, D.C. police officer accused of solicitation, begins

The shooting happened in Northwest D.C. on Aug. 26, 2011. (Photo: ABC7)

A bizarre court case involving an off-duty D.C. police officer, a transgender woman and gunfire began playing out in the District Wednesday.

D.C. Police Officer Kenneth Furr is charged with solicitation of prostitution and assault with a dangerous weapon. A transgender woman says Furr offered her up to $500 for sex. Furr pleaded not guilty to the charges back in March.

Alexander Moore, a transgender woman who goes by the name Chloe, testified she was walking near 5th and K Streets last Aug. when she was approached by Furr, who she says was intoxicated. Moore says Furr continued to stalk her, offering money for sex despite her refusals. She says he stopped when he was confronted by other individuals, some of whom are also transgender.

In court Wednesday, prosecutors said the confrontation led to a series of bizarre incidents. The group is said to have punched Furr in the face and then crashed their Chrysler into his Cadillac while in chase.

An arresting officer testified he heard shots and arrived to see Furr, gun in hand, jumping up and down on the hood of the Chrysler. According to one witness, Furr was yelling, "All you [expletives] are going to die."

One victim was shot in the arm; another was shot in the hands.

Initially, the gay community was outraged.

"I had jumped...on the bandwagon," Earline Budd,{ }a transgender activist, admits. "...transgenders being shot up in a car."

But after hearing testimony like Moore's, Budd says, "'s not a hate crime. It wasn't trans specific."

Furr's attorney did not deny the officer was trying to pick up a transgender woman for sex, however he argued to the jury the shooting was justified because with the chase and crash, Furr was in fear for his life.