Many travel plans unchanged despite high gas prices

Donna Conley just canceled her reservations for a Memorial Day weekend getaway to Ocean City. The Hughesville resident was set to leave Friday night and return Wednesday but decided it wasn’t worth it.

Pain in the pocketbook is also what’s keeping Gina Dyson close to home for the upcoming holiday weekend. Dyson, from Baltimore, was also planning to head to Ocean City. But after the tolls have gone up, and other factors, she decided against it.

But according to AAA, these two are in the minority. The annual AAA travel survey shows that in the Mid-Atlantic region, the number of people getting out of town is about the same as last year despite the crushing cost of gas.

"I think we would have seen a significant increase in travelers were it not for gas prices,” said Lon Anderson of AAA Mid-Atlantic.

That’s why Anderson said more people are hopping on flights rather than jumping behind the wheel.

Travel by car is expected to dip by half a percent while air travel is up by 11 percent.

And once people get to their destinations, they’re pinching their pennies and spending on average $11 less than they did last year on things like entertainment, shopping and food and drink.

I have a budget for gas and I have a budget for entertainment, but obviously it’s costing more than it was if we would have gone a couple of years ago,” said Rick Leftwich, an Alexandria resident.