Tornadoes strike D.C. region: Storm damage, eyewitness accounts, and more (Video)

Photo: ABC7

Parts of our region are still under the threat of severe weather.

At least two confirmed tornadoes touched down in our area last night. The fierce winds ripped apart roofs, toppled trees, and sent debris flying.

ABC7 has team coverage of the damage left behind.

Funnel clouds moved through during early Wednesday evening in parts of Virginia and Maryland. Watch ABC7’s report with some exclusive eyewitness images of all the action.

Of the four tornadoes reportedly sighted in the D.C. region, one of them touched down at Joint Base Andrews in Clinton, Md.

UPDATE 12:22 P.M. A Facebook user shared this video with us of a tornado near Andrews:

ABC7's Jummy Olabanji has more on the damage there.