Tiny dog chases away would-be robbers

Ten-pound crime-fighting pooch Paco may be tiny, but he sure is mighty. He goes into attack mode against two armed robbers in California, nipping at their ankles, then chasing them out of the store and across the street.

The thieves managed to run away with a little money, but it likely would have been much worse if it weren't for the help of Paco.

Shop owner Eric Knight says Paco was already a local celebrity before the video of his attack went viral.

“I was shocked to see what he did. Especially to see him run across the street was amazing,” Knight said.

Every day he hops from shop to shop in the California neighborhood. He even has his own dog bed in some stores.

Paco's owner Duane Deer says he rescued the dog several years ago and always thought of him more as a lover -- not a fighter. That's why he finds this video so surprising

Paco's crime fighting ways have now earned him his very own superman cape.