Tiger Woods tournament coming to Congressional

The pros were out practicing and the support staff at Congressional was out preparing for the big crowds that are expected to come for the AT&T National, or as it's also known, the Tiger Woods tournament.

Neal Gillen is also getting ready for the crowds.

Gillen has lived right down the street from Congressional on River Road for 41 years. And he has opened the very large field that is his front yard for patrons to park.

“In fact I will be parking cars,” he says.

He did this last year at the U.S. Open. He won't say exactly how much he made during the five days of that tournament. But he can fit 130 cars on his property. And he charges anywhere from $10 to $60 a car over five days.

At those rates, he and his neighbors who do the same thing can make thousands.

And the neighborhood parking is sanctioned by the county and the proceeds tax exempt.

Not every neighbor is parking cars, but everyone here will have to deal with whatever crowds show up.

“There's always apprehension when the signs go up about the traffic and the disruption,” says Richard Schooover. “But it never happens. It's really a non-event.”

It’s a welcomed event for the many neighbors who are renting out your homes to out of town visitors or even the golfers at the tune of $7,000 to $10,000 for the week.

And it's also a welcomed event for restaurant owner Murray Berman, who's happy to see the crowds.

“In the summertime, things slow down. And the tournament keeps people in the neighborhood,” Berman says. “My business probably goes up 20 percent this time.”