Thanksgiving dinner served up for D.C.'s finest

Members of D.C.'s police and fire departments were the recipients of the hearty meal.

Members of D.C.'s finest - police, firefighters and other first responders - enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast fit for a pilgrim this year.

For the 12th year in a row, the Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown served these local heroes up a hearty Thanksgiving dinner.

"Having days like this really enforces the idea that you contribute to a community and the community really appreciates the service you render," D.C. Police officer Robert Corchado said.

Staff and volunteers at the Four Seasons rolled out the welcome mat...and the costumes.

"It wouldn't be complete without your costumes," Four Seasons General Manager Christian Clerc, who donned a turkey costume, says. "Every year I have to embarrass myself and put the costume on...but I think it's appropriate."

The culinary staff at the hotel worked around the clock all week to make this event happen, cooking 300 pounds of turkey, 200 pounds of stuffing and 100 pounds of sweet potatoes.

"Sleep will be later in the week," executive chef Douglas Anderson said. "I don't know how many potatoes we peeled. We lost count."

But to hotel manager Yvette Thomas, the work is all worth it.

"People who put their lives at risk for others...there's something amazing and incredible about them," Thomas says.