Tanning bed horror story

Jordan Johnson, right, shows her burns.

Jordan Johnson cringes as her mother lifts her shirt to show the blisters and burns she got from her first time in a tanning bed.

The 16-year-old says she went to the tanning salon last Wednesday at the Cut N Up Hair Salon. Not knowing what to expect, she says she followed what she calls vague instructions from employees. She was showed a timer and how to set it and was told that if she wanted more time to just keep pressing it.

Resetting the timer not once but twice, Johnson ended up spending 35 minutes in the high-powered bed. The next day, she was in the emergency room with second degree burns.

“Like severe pain, like I’ve never felt that much pain in my life I thought I was dying it was horrible,” she said.

Johnson is blaming the salon for not explaining just how harsh the bulbs can be, especially for a first-timer.

“Common sense would have said this was my daughter's first experience and she didn't have the knowledge to know better,” said Liz Barden, Jordan’s mother. “She's 16 the staff at hand did know better and they could have been more responsible.”

But salon owner Lisa Walker is telling a different story. She says the teen was told by two different employees not to exceed the ten minute recommendation.

Walker says she’s been in business for three years and has never had any problems with her tanners. She says once the door closes, it’s up to the customer to use caution.

“She was advised no longer than 10 minutes in the bed, and one of my employees even had to knock on the door when they realized the bed was still on and she said she was fine,” Walker said.