Sulaimon Brown arrested

(ABC7, AP) - A former D.C. mayoral candidate was arrested and charged with driving on a suspended Maryland license and failure to obey.

Sulaimon Brown, who has accused aides of then-candidate Vincent Gray of trying to buy his support, was arrested early Monday in Washington, according to an arrest report. Brown says he was also issued a $75 ticket for driving with a broken headlight.

When Brown and his attorney met reporters late Monday afternoon, Brown said he was targeted because he's made accusations against Gray.

According to the arrest report, police pulled Brown over for a broken headlight. After he was stopped, Brown rolled up the windows of the Mercedes he was driving, locked all the doors and made a telephone call.

When he was told he was being arrested, Brown told police, "You all know who I am. I'll have each and every one of you on the news by next week," according to the arrest report.

Brown said police demanded to see his driver’s license, but he wasn't sure they were really police (The officers were traveling in an unmarked car, police later said in a news release). He called 911 and the dispatcher had no record of the stop and told him to stay in the car. When Brown eventually got out he was charged for suspended license and disobeying an order.

"He said ‘you're that guy is trying to get the mayor arrested,’ then turned around and said... that we got to arrest this guy,” Brown said.

Brown is scheduled to appear in Superior Court this week as part of the D.C. Council's investigation into Gray's hiring practices. Brown says Gray's campaign gave him cash and promised him a job for criticizing then-Mayor Adrian Fenty.

Brown says he was pulled over while driving home from his sister's birthday. He did not explain why he had a Maryland driver's license. Brown says his license was suspended because one of his parking tickets doubled.